Greatest Places to go Canoeing in North America

Greatest Places to go Canoeing in North America

There is nothing quite like the peace you can get out on a lake in your canoe.  No sounds but the wildlife around you and can just stop and take a breath away from all of life’s pressures.  Sometimes a change of scenery from the local lake is nice and your canoe gives you the excuse you need to get in some traveling to new spots.  North America, with all of its lakes and rivers has some beautiful destination where you can get in your canoe and paddle for days.  Here are some of the greatest places to go canoeing in North America.

Green River, Utah

The Southwest has scenery like nowhere else in the world!  You can canoe the entire 730 mile trip or just take shorter day trips, either way you can pass through the desert or see some amazing canyons with the mountains in the back drop.  Depending on how early in the spring you take your trip will impact the speed and quality of the water, with higher faster waters in the spring.  Spring and fall are the ideal times to head over to Green River.

Boundary Waters Canoe Area Wilderness

Head over to the border between Minnesota on the US side and Ontario on the Canadian side and you will find a canoer’s paradise.  There are 3,000 lakes of varying sizes here with thousands of miles of canoe routes, and if you want to get in some back country camping then this is the place.  It is pretty uninhabited here so you may want to take a guide.  This is one of the best place in all of North America to find wildlife with bears, wolves and moose all living in the area.  Here is a closer look at the area.

Northern Forest Canoe Trail

Located in New England and traveling the waters of New York, Vermont, Quebec, New Hampshire and Maine you can travel the paths of some of the earliest settlers to North America.  You can travel and camp for a couple of days or just try some day trips.  There are plenty of options to try some camping along the way.  Throughout the trip you will find everything from serene lakes to whitewater as you pass through the Adirondacks and the Allagash Wilderness Waterway.  This is definitely a trip best taken in the summer.

Nahanni River National Park Preserve

This trip is not for the faint of heart, it is rough and it is expensive.  If you want a canoe trip that none of your friends have ever tried before then head to the Great White North and see some of the most spectacular scenery on earth.  You will have to be flown in, it is that remote but you will get to pit yourself against Mother Nature as you face 1 and 2 class rapids in frigid waters.  Less than 1,000 visitors a year brave the Northwest Territories but not only do you  get to see musk ox and caribou in the wild, there are 3,000 foot canyons and Virginia Falls.

How Much Does it Cost to Go Canoeing?

How Much Does it Cost to Go Canoeing?

Canoeing is not only a peaceful way to experience nature but it is a great way to get some exercise.  People who have expressed an interest in canoeing but have never gone before often find themselves wondering how much does it cost to go canoeing.  That really isn’t an easy question to answer.  There are a number of factors involved including where you go, and whether you buy or rent a canoe.  Let’s take a closer look at the cost involved in canoeing and then you can decide whether it is expensive or not.

The Destination

You can go canoeing at a local lake down the road or you can head to the other side of the country to check out new scenery.  A local trip costs a few dollars in gas, crossing the country can cost thousands.  Some places charge fees to use the facilities and other places are free all you need is a canoe.  If you are going on a camping trip there are campgrounds that offer you the chance to go while you’re there.

Renting a Canoe

Some of the more popular lakes and rivers will have canoe rental service available.  You can rent a canoe for a couple of hours or a couple of days depending on your trip and hit the open water.  The cost of renting a canoe will depend on the size, how many in your party and how long you go for.  If you haven’t gone canoeing before then you should bring someone along who has had more experience.  For two people to rent a canoe for a day or so you can expect to spend around $40.

Buying a Canoe

If you plan on canoeing regularly then it may be in your interest to buy your own canoe.  Renting every weekend can get expensive after a while.  The cost of a canoe will depend on whether you buy new or used.  A used canoe is your least expensive option and a used canoe can cost a few hundred dollars.  Do your due diligence and make sure that the canoe is in great shape.

The price of a new canoe can range from a few hundred dollars on the low end to several thousand dollars for a Kevlar canoe.  The price will depend on the material used in construction and how lightweight your canoe is.  If you plan on camping and canoeing regularly the invest in a very good canoe.